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JungleScout is one of the most popular product research tools for the Amazon marketplace.

It provides two primary tools you can use to research products to sell on Amazon: The Web App and the Chrome Extension. Both help you find the most profitable products to sell, but they each work in different ways.


The tools provided by JungleScout take out the guesswork for FBA sellers seeking profitable products. These could be new sellers looking for their first products, or experienced sellers trying to break into new niches.

Launching an FBA business is hard work, but the biggest challenge comes from finding the right products in the first place—which often makes the difference between success and failure.

Investing in products is always a risk, and JungleScout helps to minimize that risk.


How It Works

JungleScout has two product research tools, The Web App and the Chrome Extension, and you can either purchase these separately or together.


The Web App is a cloud-based suite of three tools:

  • Amazon Product Database: This comprises the entire Amazon catalogue, and you can use it to filter products by categories including price, estimated sales, and more.
  • Product Tracker: Use this to monitor competitors including their prices, inventory, and promotions to find out who is selling the most products.
  • Niche Hunter: Find the Opportunity Score in any niche, get metrics for the top 10 sellers, and search by keywords to find Listing Quality Scores.


Overall, these three tools make it easy to turn product data into profits. Together, the tools slash research time and allow you to organize and track data to find the most profitable products.

The Chrome Extension is an extension you can use to pull data (such as the estimated revenue of a product) as you browse the Amazon website. It helps you validate your ideas and get metrics in real-time.

When you search for a product to sell, the extension tells you everything you need to know about a product in one click, including the number of competing sellers, the number of reviews, average sales, ratings, and more. It contains up-to-the-minute data so you always get an accurate picture.

Using the tool, you can go deep into your product research and find out about the price, rank, estimated sales, FBA fees, and more—all in your browser—saving hours on product research.


Further Functionalities

This tool has the following features and fuctionalities: 

  • You can use both of JungleScout’s tools separately or together. For example, use the Chrome Extension to identify interesting products then plug the ASINs into the Web App to monitor the products.
  • Both tools come with excellent support from FBA experts who know what’s involved in selling on Amazon.
  • You will also get access to a range of educational resources including guides and case studies.



This tool has full support for the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • USA – amazon.com
  • Germany – amazon.de
  • UK – amazon.co.uk
  • Spain – amazon.es
  • France – amazon.fr
  • Italy – amazon.it


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