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Feedback Genius from Seller Labs is one of a number of tools that Amazon sellers can use to simplify their requests for reviews and feedback.

It provides you with a simple way to contact your Amazon customers for any reason and automate your emails.



Positive seller feedback and product reviews can have a big impact on your Amazon sales and give your business a boost.

The problem for sellers is that many buyers will not leave reviews and feedback when everything goes well—but they will leave a negative review when they are unhappy. By prompting more buyers to leave seller feedback or a product review, you can increase positive feedback and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Even if you understand that contacting clients is a good way to get more reviews, it can be a time-intensive activity. Feedback Genius aims to make the whole process of getting reviews, as well as building your brand, quicker and easier by automating everything.


How It Works

Feedback Genius provides a way for you to send automated feedback reminders or other messages to your customers by sending emails directly through the Amazon messaging system.

It was created with the primary aim of getting seller feedback, but it has evolved to also focus on boosting product reviews. But you can use it for any purpose you wish.

You can use filters to determine who receives messages. For example, if buyers have already left feedback, you can easily filter them out so you don’t bother them. Or you can send unique messages to repeat buyers to avoid sending them the same messages as you would to new buyers.

You can also target customers who purchased a specific product. Feedback Genius makes it easy to target specific ASINs, SKUs, and SKU groups.

Feedback Genius offers complete customization so you can customize all your messages and make sure they match your branding.

Timing your emails is also easy, so you can send them out when an order is made, on delivery day, after delivery, etc.

  • The inventory management tool makes it easy to control your inventory so you don’t run out. You can set alerts to let you know when your inventory is running low, and you will know when your stock will run out based on your sales.
  • The Amazon PPC tool provides you with detailed analysis tools to help you increase revenue and boost your performance. Use it to automate your campaign management and save time.
  • The keyword tool helps you improve your rankings by tracking your keywords for your listings. You can also compare your listings with your competitors and carry out A/B testing.
  • The review tool makes it easier to manage your reviews and react to negative reviews quickly. Receive notifications for new reviews and sort them by star rating.
  • The product research tool makes it easier to move into new niches. Find profitable products using the extensive product database and filter by estimated sales, reviews, and more.

You can also track your competitors to keep a close eye on them. Track their sales and rankings and find out where they are beating you.

Sellics also allows you to measure your profits in real-time. The tool deducts shipping fees, PPC fees, taxes, and more so you can always see your real profits.

If you are a vendor on Amazon, you will want the Vendor Edition instead. This includes four tools that help you to manage reviews, boost visibility, optimize Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and monitor the Buy Box.


Further Functionalities

This tool has the following features and functionalities: 

  • Use Feedback Genius to send messages that reinforce your brand and get your logo and brand name more recognition.
  • There are no limits on the number of messages you can create.
  • Send messages to orders dating up to 60 days before you sign up.
  • Send different emails for different brands if you have more than one.
  • Add images and custom HTML to your messages.
  • In its paid plans, Feedback Genius also offers A/B testing and message analytics.
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial.



This tool has full support for the following Amazon marketplaces:

  • USA –
  • Canada –
  • Mexico –
  • Germany –
  • UK –
  • Spain –
  • France –
  • Italy –


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